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A Once in a Lifetime Double Feature Event
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The War of The Worlds
4K Restoration
George Pal's Oscar® Winning
Restored in Technicolor®

Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Doors Open: 6:00 PM
Showtime: 7 PM

The Historic 1931
Fox Westwood Village Theatre
961 Broxton Avenue
Los Angeles, California

Puppetoon Productions, Maxwell DeMille, and Paramount Pictures come together to present a monumental event that showcases ten of the best of George Pal's Oscar® winning Puppetoons. These radiant Technicolor masterpieces have been meticulously restored, allowing you to experience them in a quality never before seen.

This event is made even more spectacular with the inclusion of the stunning 4K restoration of The War of the Worlds (1953), Pal's breathtaking and tension-filled science fiction classic. This double bill program marks the first time in history these cinematic treasures have been brought together, offering a unique opportunity to witness the brilliance of George Pal's work, beautifully restored and brought to vivid life.

Joe Dante Ann Robinson Arnold Leibovit
Scheduled to appear are special guests director Joe Dante (Gremlins), Ann Robinson (star of War of the Worlds), and director-producer Arnold Leibovit (The Puppetoon Movie, The Time Machine 2002). These distinguished guests will offer their unique perspectives and insights, sharing behind-the-scenes stories and discussing the lasting impact of George Pal's work on the world of cinema. Maxwell DeMille (master of ceremonies) is a prominent figure in reviving old Hollywood glamour through vintage-themed events. His commitment to authenticity has made him a leading figure in the vintage entertainment scene, and he also hosts film screenings and lectures on classic Hollywood culture.

Puppetoons banner

Long before legendary Producer-Director George Pal became synonymous with classic science fiction films like The War of the Worlds and The Time Machine, he pioneered an entirely unique cinematic experience with his creation of the Puppetoons. These stop-motion animated shorts were far ahead of their time, employing intricate puppetry and animation techniques that captured the imagination of audiences worldwide. Each Puppetoon was a labor of love, requiring countless hours to animate the nuanced movements that brought these miniature worlds to life. Unlike anything seen before, Pal's innovative work laid the groundwork for future advancements in animation, making him a pivotal figure in the evolution of cinematic storytelling.

Now, all can rejoice as the Puppetoons return, fully restored from their original Technicolor negatives. This painstaking restoration process ensures each frame of these iconic films appears as vibrant and dynamic as it did when first released. This event not only celebrates the pioneering creativity of George Pal but also revives a significant piece of cinematic history for both new and lifelong fans to cherish.

Included are ten of the best including Tubby the Tuba, Dr. Seuss 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, Rhythm in the Ranks, Good Night Rusty, The Gay Knighties, Wilbur the Lion, Date with Duke, The Sky Princess, A Hatful of Dreams plus Western Daze - the first animation work by Ray Harryhausen. Puppetoon restorations produced and directed by Arnold Leibovit.

The War of the Worlds banner

The War of the Worlds (1953), is widely regarded as one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time. This first and best version of H.G. Wells' chilling novel of a Martian invasion of Earth delivers fiery thrills, laser-hot action and unrelenting suspense. Produced by George Pal, directed by Byron Haskin, staring Gene Barry, Ann Robinson, Les Tremayne, Lewis Martin, with narrators Sir Cedric Hardwicke and Paul Frees.

Groundbreaking Academy Award® winning special effects by Gordon Jennings, screenplay by Barré Lyndon, and music by Leith Stevens.

Selected by the National Film Registry The Library of Congress as one of the most "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" films in history.

You are invited to journey back to that wondrous time to relive George Pal's imaginative one-of-a-kind Puppetoons and his greatest feature film triumph The War of the Worlds.

Fox Westwood Village Theatre 1931

Fox Westwood Village Theatre TowerBuilt in 1930, and opened in 1931, Regency's Village Theatre has been a popular location to see movies for several generations of moviegoers. Across the street from the Bruin Theatre, the Village was a part of the old Fox Theatres circuit and played the best of the Fox Studio's films.

The Fox name still lights up the top of the theatre today. The most striking feature of the Fox Theater is the iconic 170-foot white Spanish Revival/Modern tower which looms over the Broxton and Weyburn Avenues intersection. Atop the tower is a blue and white metal Art Deco "Fox" sign, which was renovated in the late 1980s. Halfway up the tower there are carved winged lions which sit at the base of projecting columns. At the bottom of the tower just above the entrance is a blue and white sign with the legend "Fox Westwood Village".

By night the elegant white tower literally becomes a beacon with its signs and the shaft of the tower illuminated. The rectangular cinema building immediately behind the tower features long rows of Churrigueresque stucco decorations. Perched atop the corners of the building stand carved griffins.

In February of 2024, Jason Reitman acquired the Fox Westwood Village Theatre with filmmakers including Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, JJ Abrams, Guillermo del Toro, Chloé Zhao, plus many more.

Fox Westwood Village Theatre Auditorium
Fox Westwood Village Theatre Curtain Up
War of the Worlds, Puppetoon Poster

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